The Biblical Holy Feast Days Were Hidden

The Holy Feast Days declare the full Gospel story and how the Messiah is fulfilling them to redeem His bride, and they clearly give His followers the context of His return.

Should Christians celebrate Father’s Day?

Sunday, June 18, 2017, is the day America celebrates as Father’s Day. It was first celebrated in the United States, in June of 1910. Predictably, like its holiday companion known as Mother’s Day, it has Pagan roots. The two holidays share one common theme: observance on the day of veneration of the Sun – Sunday….

The True Messiah, Religion, Modern Day Christianity

Yahusha the Hebrew Messiah AND Jesus Christ are NOT the same Individual. Religion, Modern Day Christianity has created an imposter as to who the True Messiah was and still is today. The Bibles that we have, speak of the Words, Thoughts, and Actions of the True Messiah. But man has changed and created their own…


FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE READY TO JUMP OFF INTO THE THE LUNAR SABBATH, YOU MIGHT WANT TO READ THIS. There are some people today who believe that the Sabbath should be tied into the sighting of the new moon with the four quarters of the moon’s phases being Sabbaths. This means that the…

3 verses to not fall victim to eating pork

A pagan holiday, Easter is coming and you’ve heard scientific studies that eating pork is unhealthy for you. Is it true? Not only has it been scientifically proven to be toxic for us, but scripturally we are going against our Creator’s instructions as well. Leviticus 11 are the dietary instructions. Leviticus is the third book of the…