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Who we Are:

We are a family of a Father, his wife, his daughter and her husband who felt that Yahaway (YHWH) had put on their hearts to help teach others with Learning The Torah. The Torah has been our foundation of how we live our lives. The Torah is our instructions we follow to honor Him.

We have dedicated our lives to seeking the Truth that most of us have been hidden from. After researching in depth and discovering these hidden truths about where we came from and how we should be living our lives, we felt that we need to share these findings with others who have felt “lost” in their religion who are also seeking closure. By the very meaning of “religion” in Latin means “return to bondage”. YHWH lead His people out of Mitsrayim (Egypt), out of bondage (or slavery) to the Promised land. Why would we want to remain in bondage and not learn about Him?

Not all organized religion teaches from the basic fundamentals from the front of the scriptures and feel that Yeshua (Hebrew name for Jesus) did not come to destroy the Torah, but to fulfill it. Matthew 5:17.

We use Hebrew translated scriptures which archeologists are even using today for their discoveries. Many “Bibles” are Greek translated which is what most our westernized mindsets and beliefs are derived from and because of over the course of time, the Greek mindsets did not properly translate or understand the Hebrew culture of that time and missed the mark in many areas throughout the scriptures.

We hope to explain our findings and share those findings with you as Father put on hearts to carry out. We understand that failing to teach what Father intended or Adding or Taking away from His Work means certain punishment for us. If we do discover error, we will certainly acknowledge it and ask for forgiveness.

We pray that you find our research very thought provoking and help you understand or see from another perspective what YHWH has intended us to be so we can find favor in His eyes much like Noah and the many other great leaders spoken of throughout the scriptures.

Thank you,

The Learning The Torah Team

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