The purpose of Learning The Torah for all those who find that their current assemblies leave them with many questions, and for those that don’t seem to fit in anywhere.  Also for those who consider the entire scriptures relevant especially the Torah (the first 5 books).

We look at the entire word of YHWH as his love letter to us from Genesis to Revelation.

We are a resource for you to find answers, and to get a unique perspective on the scriptures.  

Learning The Torah uses our Father’s name YHWH and Yahshua’s  name instead of the pagan names and titles given to them by the assemblies of today.

Are you tired of hearing the same sermons every year, covering just a couple of verses from scripture to give you the feel good message?

Have ever wondered why your local assembly does not answer many of the questions you may have, especially those that question their man made doctrines.

We do not bow down to any doctrine, or blindly follow some denomination.  No national assemblies leadership to keep happy, or in anyway answer to.

Messianic congregations are either coming from the Christian side or the rabbinical Jewish viewpoint.

The Christians that want to get back to their Israeli heritage seem to feel that they need to take on the trappings of being Jewish, they decorate their buildings with menorahs, have a shofar or two, and if very fortunate have a Torah scroll, which is written in Hebrew a language no one in the building speaks.

Those raised in a Jewish home and trained in the Torah cannot give up the rabbinic traditions.  Traditions that put the oral Torah on equal, or greater footing than the word of our Father.

Learning The Torah in a Israeli heritage-of the way!