Yahusha Messiah VS Jes-s Christ

page The Scripture presents a True Messiah – His Name is YAHUSHA.


http://www.kedelaga.com/dissertation-about-blue-porterweed/ Yet Satan has created a false and counterfeit Messiah – his name is Jes-s. The false messiah Jes-s is very different to the True Messiah YAHUSHA, in personality, in nature, in teaching, and in character. Who will you show your allegiance to and follow?

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The Scripture presents a True Messiah - His Name is YAHUSHA.
The Scripture presents a True Messiah – His Name is YAHUSHA.

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  • Seventh-Day Shabbat (Sabbath)
  • The dead asleep in the graves awaiting the resurrection.
  • The lost completely destroyed in the lake of fire.
  • Avoid unclean foods.
  • YAHUAH the Only Creator
  • Feast: Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Pentecost, Atonement, Trumpets, Tabernacles.
  • YAHUSHA resurrected on the Shabbat (Sabbath)
  • Praying to the Father YAHUAH alone.
  • True known language tongues.
  • Salvation through grace, by faith in YAHUSHA Messiah resulting in a love for, and obedience to YAHUAH’s Laws.

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  • Sunday Worship
  • The dead go straight to heaven or hell.
  • The lost will burn in agony forever.
  • Eating unclean foods.
  • Trinity- 3 gods who are creators.
  • Christian Holidays: Pagan Christmas, Pagan Easter, Pagan Valentine’s Day, Pagan Halloween, All Saint’s Day, False Good Friday, Jesus resurrected Sunday.
  • Praying to Jes-s, Mary and the dead.
  • False unknown tongues.
  • Salvation through faith and grace alone, and no obedience to all of YAHUAH’s Laws required, and willfully sinning allowed because grace is all that is needed.

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